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Imperial. Everett Roth. Master swordsman, superhuman endurance, agility, stamina, strength, reflexes, speed. Former villain, now a member of the Redeemed.

Ivory. Another member of the Millennial Horde. She’s a teleporter.

Jaguara. An orphaned girl in the Amazon jungle, who was adopted by a local tribe. She was trained in battle and became her tribe’s protector.

Jericho. He is not your usual superhero. He doesn’t have secret headquarters or wear a flashy costume. He has a voice powerful enough to level buildings, but he has learned to focus it to be very precise with the damage he causes. He is a vigilante. He wanders throughout the world fighting criminals, trapping them beneath collapsed walls or in other structures and leaves town before the smoke clears. One of his latest adversaries was a dashing thief known as Bandit. When he apprehended the petty thief/antihero, he was noticed by Guardsman of the Squadron Prime. But as is his style, Jericho vanished before Guardsman could approach him.

Jimmy. A member of Nightmare’s group of “freaks.”

Jules Burke. No superpowers. Legal council for the Squadron Prime.

June. One of three headhunters for the Arena of Champions personally recruited by Charlotte Chase to kidnap targeted superhumans.

K3-L2M1. Robot sentinel of the headquarters of the Squadron Prime.

Kaos. One of the mysterious Elementals. Controls random probabilities.