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Hellhound. One of the mysterious Elementals. Flamebody. Feral senses.

Highjump. Melody Hardy. Mutant-strong strong leg muscles allow her to jump so high and far that it appears she is flying. Other benefits include powerful kicks and super speed for short distances. Member of the Heroes of Tomorrow.

Howler. John Jones. Lupine abilities. Enhanced senses, agility, speed. Wolf-like sonic howl.

Hydrallix. Member of the Millennial Horde. Water-based technological powers.

Icechick. Robyn Frost. She controls ice and stuff. Like Iceman. But a chick. Member of the New Force.

Icerunner. Rie Asaoka. Young heroine with the mutant ability to alter her buoyancy allowing her to run over water and ice. She patrols the seas of northern Japan and protects the local crab fishermen.

Ienai. Buchy Adebayo. Plasma absorption and blasts.