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Grapple. A member of the mysterious group of villains, the Millennial Horde. The origin of Grapple, like all of his compatriots, is unclear but what is known is that they appear to be from the future. They seem to have come to this time to stop one key event from happening and have targeted the Squadron Prime, but for what purpose is not known. Grapple is a cybernetic human whose limbs can grapple onto any object. His hands and feet can be projected similar to grappling hooks. Grapple can also interface with any electronic system.

Guardsman. Paul Mason. Leader of the Squadron Prime. Brother of Vanguard. Love interest of Lady Luck. Trained by the Delegate.

Gus. A member of Nightmare’s group of “freaks.”

Gust. Leslie Michelle. Limited wind manipulation. Uses fan blades to hurl gusts of wins at foes.

Haliya. A mysterious alien hero. Member of the Angels. Cousin of Aviana, Ettia and Tania. Crush interest of Globalboy.

Heartbreaker. Allie Jansen. Pheromone control.