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Flurry. As a young girl in Montana, Kelly Wilbourne loved to skate and play in the snow in the winter months. One snowy day when she was 12, Kelly was caught in a blizzard and became lost in the woods. She was saved by a mysterious snow spirit. The spirit her powers over ice and snow as long as she used them to save others in peril. Kelly became known as the heroine known as Flurry. She is a member of the Squadron Prime. Attracted to Seraphim, the mutant who has become trapped on Earth-2486.

Force. Ellie Taylor. A superstrong fighter in the Arena of Champions.

Friction. Anna Vale. Friction and inertia manipulation.

Glide. Amber Spears. Member of the New Force. Technological-based glider.

Global Boy. A shapeshifting alien child with no memory of his origin, race or identity, discovered by the Global Girls. Taken his current form to assist them. Views the Girls as a big sisters/little brother relationship. They call him Geebee, as he has no actual name. Puppy love crush on Haliya.

Goop. A member of Nightmare’s group of “freaks.”

Graceful Dragon. Lung Xiu was a fantastic martial artist in Taipei. She was winning multiple martial arts tournaments against women but was not allow to compete against the men. Furious, she retired from fighting. It wasn’t long before she received a mysterious job offer, containing a check and a plane ticket to Houston. Curious and in need of money, she went and was greeted at the airport by two American women, Colleen Clements and Lana Graham, who told her of their organization of premiere female fighters. Although she scoffed at the idea of being a superhero, but intrigued nonetheless, Xiu took the translation of her name, Graceful Dragon, and joined as the newest Global Girl.