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Ettia. Member of the Angels. Cousin of Tania, Aviana and Haliya. She controls plant growth.

Falconess. Emily Wilson. Flight and telepathic communication with birds of prey.

Felissa. Melissa Hall. Feline transformation.

Fiamma. Rosa Vitelli. Pyrokinetic sword fighter and martial artist. A young heroine from Italy.

Firestarter. Derek Ingram. Pyrokinetic as well as flame body and flight. Member of the New Force.

Flare. Kalli Starr. Solar-powered pyrokinesis, the manipulation of fire when charged by heat from the sun.

Flourish. Lily McAllister was born in a small Pennsylvania town. When she was 13, she witnessed her cousin, Dani, being bullied at school. Enraged, she went to defend her cousin but unwittingly unleashed a violent psychic attack. Since then she has been honing her mutant abilities to create weapons out of psychic energy. Her favorite weapon of choice is her psychokinetic knives. Her cousin Dani would manifest her own mutant ability and has since become the heroine Nightlight.