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Darkbird. No one knows the identity of this masked vigilante, except him. His name is Eric Mitchell. Three years ago, he was in a car accident where he lost his wife, Laura. He prowls the streets at night and glides in on his metal wings. He saves the innocent and punishes the guilty before disappearing just as fast as he arrived. No one knows how, but he always seems to know where he is needed most. As a result, he is a most reliable ally to the Squadron Prime, though he has turned down membership numerous times.

Dash. Candice Noble. She has super speed, but only in short bursts. Member of the New Force.

Delegate. Charles “Chuck” Baxter. Personally trained Guardsman of the Squadron Prime after he made the decision to hang up the tights. But could a new villain (or maybe an old one) be forcing him to come out of retirement?

Doubletake. Jayden Ramey. Self-replication.

Duskflower. Serena Evans. Adept at all bladed weapons and mistress of stealth.

Eagless. Brenda Mendez. Younger sister of Wildbird. One half of the Sisters in Flight.

Ed. A member of Nightmare’s group of “freaks.”

Einherji. Kal Stefansson. Superhuman physical attributes imbued by the souls of the honored dead of Valhalla.

Elastix. Lena Reynolds. Can stretch body to unknown proportions. Retired member of the original Squadron Prime.

Emerald. Jacqueline Owen. She has telekinetic diamond-hard armor. Member of the New Force.