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Crimson. Tina Choi. A long-time nemesis of Rising Blade of the Global Girls. The leader of a female band of ninja clan called the Kunoichi.

Cryochon. Freeze technology. Member of the Millennial Horde. Additional information classified.

Cyblur. Cybernetic speedster. Member of the Millennial Horde. Additional information classified.

Cybrax. Member of the Millennium Horde. Can upload new weapon forms to her cybernetic axe. Additional information classified.

Cyphy. Martin Hernandez. Technopathy. The ability to mentally communicate with mechanical and electrical machinery.

Cyrus. Cyrus Quinton. A mysterious ninja hero. He is a target of the Kunoichi clan. Ally of Royale and Kukri. He’s an expert with the nunchuku and the staff. The three have formed an uneasy alliance with Solomon Cade and the Agents of Change.

Daisy. Daisy Marie Turner. Cute and psychotic. Even worse, she doesn’t miss with her guns. Ever. Nemesis of Eagless and Wildbird.

Damsel. Katherine Fitzgerald. A female knight. Expert jouster, swordfighter and martial artist. Member of the Ladies of the Realm.

Danger. Amanda Fisher. Member of the Sisterhood of the Shadow.