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@Iscarioto said:

I like your second idea, that’s a good plan. I think we should try where possible to keep it HM though, I mean, anyone can make a comic using other means, but this is what this forum is all about

I think that if we are going to do the entire comic then it should be split equally amongst the people who are willing to do it. If we could get more people it would be great. It would probably also be an idea for us to establish definite consistencies before starting, i.e. what all of the Ascension stuff looks like (cyborgs & the invasion craft I assume we are sticking with my designs, but what about the Walkers?) plus character appearances (some people have posted images of their characters, whilst some have not. We need to know what every character looks like before we start, because it isn’t going to be just you illustrating your part of the story. Back up characters like Shada and Wong Li An the barista would probably be a good idea as well). Also, if we do shading, we need just one person to shade the whole thing (who ever ends up doing so is going to hate me for this), because everyone has different shading styles and leaping between them is going to look messy. Or we could not bother with the shading outside of the glows from the Ascension weapons/ ships and the glows from the numerous fires.
I liked the idea mentioned a couple of pages back about opening up some sort of contest to do the main images, which is why I put the double page panels in. Is that still going to happen?

As for what you said Alex, I’d imagined the room was dark once the monitors had been switched off so you couldn’t really see him properly.