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Alexander of Limbo

I’m not sure if we’re using this thread for character approval before allowing them into the story, but i’m gonna whack up any ideas for this story on here first, to make sure everyone is hunky dorry with them

That being said i present:
Code-name Conduit


Isac Chandler is a young man who makes a living in extreme tourism as an instructor, guide etc. When he gets a dose of “Empty Vessel” he is given the power to grant or nullify powers for a short period.

In his “phase 2” he is recruited by Ascension, as you can guess his abilities would come in handy when battling supers. They kit him out and at an even later stage give him a gauntlet which can extract Empty Vessel permanently (not sure about that bit do you think powers should be taken?). He also feels a lot of regret about what he is doing for Ascension, but fears what would happen if he isn’t on the winning team…