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That it is. But I have an idea in the works, as you and i discussed in our PM, competitions perhaps where people who read through, wether authors or not, can pick out a scene event or passage and illustrate it, not unlike a story book page, and if the author of the passage in question agrees it can be inserted into it to illustrate the story.

I’m struggling to explain it, too much writing tonight haha. Okay, brief example below:

David raised his head, his eyes full of fire
| Eye picture woooooaaahhh!!!!!!! |

Rage boiled inside him, a feeling he’d never met
A feeling he could never control
He reached out and touched the source

| haha, it’s tomato sauce (ketchup?)

and so on. Not saying a frame every second line or whatever, but if there is a key point, and if it reaches out to somebody and they think – wow, I want to try and make that – then awesome.

Then we have an illustrated story book.

By the way, the callibre of the writing here is incredible

And so in line with how I am picturing it all, like, nothing has made me go “ooh that’s wrong” most of it is “holy crap, that works so well!”

I’m giddy.