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Jumping in here with the thoughts as I read things, so forgive me if it was already covered. Regarding JR’s idea of a painkiller system for the cyborgs, how about something like a permanent implant which kills pain signals to the brain. Ever read Marshal Law? That was pretty much the idea behind the super soldier creation, which after the war lead to all these hyper-enhanced heros & villains. Guys who went power crazy for good or evil because they couldn’t feel pain. The catch there was that not all of those guys were invulnerable; they just didn’t feel anything. So when they got f’ed up it was pretty nasty. In those stories it was called a pain gate, I think. I lost my books so I don’t have the reference here, but for the sake of avoiding copyright conflicts, we need to know what to call this thing. I’m going to keep reading because I really want to get on board here!