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OK, guys, it took awhile. Busy learning new material for the 2 bands I play in and reading a script for a play that I was asked about doing the music for. Here’s my character that I think might fit into this pretty well. I made a civillian version of her last night, but had problems logging in. Anyway, here’s Miss X, with her original backstory. Maybe her reason for being in HK could be to investiate Empty Vessel for The Organization she is a member of, or she could be there following up on suspicions she had on The Org., which evolved into Ascension. Whatever you guys thinks works best. Still reading the story and playing catchup, but, man, oh man, what a start! And finally, Iscarioto, you’re being way too kind, though I appreciate it. My art is way below you guys; at best I’ll say of myself I have good ideas but don’t know how to present them. So on that note, I’m totally open to anyone grabbing any of my characters to reinterpret, enhance or improve upon. Former US Army Special Forces, NYPD detective, FBI and Secret Service agent, CIA operative, trained in counter-terrorism measures by all of the former agencies and Mossad. Mastered Northern and Southern Styles of Shao Lin kung fu and several secret styles in China as well as kendo and ninjitsu in Okinawa. Accomplished street fighter raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn, NY. After humiliating the city’s champion hero in a highly publicized street fight, which he would much rather forget, Rebecca Lee came under the notice of the Organization. The NGO (Non Governmental Organization), is the world wide agency responsible for policing all meta-human, mutant and extra-terrestrial activities. Known by the code name Miss X, she is one of the very few non super powered members, beside administrative staff, and the only member that many super humans, both hero and villain, have openly admitted they would not want to go up against. She has been offered enhancement treatments by the Organization but has refused, saying that due to her years of various training she’s enhanced enough. Besides her martial arts expertise, she is a highly skilled marksmen with all forms of firearms. Her preferences are her twin customized 9mm handguns with specialized ammo for invulnerable types, her fast action riot shotgun, also with enhanced ammo and her samurai sword, which was gifted to her from her kendo master, after defeating him as her final test. She is the only student to have done so. These weapons are carried by her constantly. She has considered the enhancements, but is still secretly leery of the Organization’s true intentions.