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That is a good call. I was planning on focusing on images over the next couple of days.

In saying that though, before we advance the plot any further, I really would like to see another entry from Vampy, perhaps something along the lines of getting him to Times Square, and the same goes for your character JR, edge of my seat with the whole “And then it happened.” Would be nice to gather everyone pretty soon.

That and we haven’t had many opportunities to display powers as yet, I feel like once everyone has converged, the obtaining part of the list in the latest chapter could be good, everyone channeling their skills, for instance, there is at least one unpowered tourist in the group, I’d like someone to write him being petulant and running off, getting ambushed and blowing our cover, and perhaps Shu Ji utilising his kata to take out a squad of troops.

That’s just an idea, I don’t want to play the whole director card. But yeah

Like I say, and as JR suggests, it will be good to get onto images. I’m going to finish that walker, try to nail a slightly unique but not too far off look for Henare, and I want to try my hand at the ships and at the general/ceo of Ascension. Will see what I can get done by the end of the day