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Phase two and three are phenomenally perfect JR. Lock em in. Would still like to find a way to use, I think it was prswirve’s heavies from a few pages back, maybe a bit of tweaking with colour and helmet and we are away.

I still want to play around with phase one just a touch, will see if I have time for it today, I forgot to email myself the one I was working on so it’s locked down on my work comp, back in there tomorrow night.

As for the nano-hugger things, I think it would be a bit of both. The way I see it it’ll be more of a back of the head hugger, maybe three independent fast crawlers, one jumps up and inserts itself at the base of the skull, with little arms that wrap around the head, covering and replacing the eyes, with two more arms that wrap around the jaw and rip it back. Horrific, but you know. So its the upper skull, maybe a couple more arms to wrap the neck. From there I think the next two in the unit take arms and legs, and either work over them or tear them right out and transform into temporary replacements. Thinking almost the thickness of bone, to really give that zombie robot sort of look. Maybe something which throws out the internal organs as well. Basically it’s just trying to preserve the brain.

And on the note of expendibility, aside from writing in some big hitting payrolling political theory, I’d say this zombie stage in tentative, mass production allows them to be semi expendible, but their true purpose in this state is a mid point, they should be able to defend themselves, but their own priority is to return to what could be a bigger vehicle than the warships – a factory ship. There their construction is completed.

Essentially, the huggers (we need a new name) are a virus, so they’d be unleashed on a population to take up as many of the locals and bring them back to convert into willing followers. Religion 4.0.