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@Iscarioto said:

I’d still like to have a crack at the Warships, and have a walker I’m working on at the moment. That and I think the troops need a helmet, as an option, but that could be a phase two thing. All of these will of course be based around or influenced by your amazing ideas. Particularly the troop, my god. My only thing is i think for the first phase that damages and scarring, particularly to the face need to be toned back, mostly for narrative purposes. With each phase the troops become less and less human.

Also colour, I feel, as this is complex and because I feel it fits the theme, I think that as much as we can a muted grayscale might make things easier and look pretty effective. I’m not thinking totally, but lots of silhouettes and such, and whenever colour is required for that frame you make it the champion. For instance, in the Henare thread, the frame for stabbing his superior in the back would be perhaps the black figure of Henare, behind a line drawn superior, on a grey background but with a blazing orange blade protruding.

Not to say we can’t have colour and zyping in the full page spreads, but yeah. I don’t know, might be a bit too blatantly Millar, but yeah.

Outside of that like the idea of liners, shaders and colourers. Deff need prswirve as a liner, looking at some of the poses he churns out!

I’ve been working on Phase’s 2 & 3 for the cyborgs, both of which have helmets, so don’t worry about that.
I think that muted colours are a good idea, but greyscale could look quite weird if random colours suddenly appear every so often.
If we aren’t zyping the main pages that could save a lot of time or the colourists could add shadows instead of fully zyping.
Agreed on the prswirve point, I’d say you’d need to be a colourist in that case, if we want to get the best at each.

I think a cover need doing. And we need a (contest) thread for people to put up the double pages.