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Ice was the last to arrive at the scene. Her comrades were busy fighting off the villains, while civilians ran in fear and panic. The civilians had their reasons to be scared. The villains that they were up against were not only intimidating but had superpowers. One was flying in around and looked like something from Greek mythology. She was flying around and fighting the Fly, who despite being a capable fighter seemed to be having trouble. She saw another one fighting Omega, who like Fly-boy, was having trouble with a guy who was teleporting around him. It took everything in her not to turn and run from this. After all this wasn’t her fight. She didn’t have any obligation to these people. But she couldn’t run. These guys needed help and there was something big happening in this city. Her train of thought was broken by Electro Man who was shouting towards her.
“Hey ICE! You got a brother?!” He said as he shot blasts of electricity towards his opponent
“No why?” Ice said as she saw Electro Mans opponent.
He was using ice powers much stronger than her own. He was standing on a pillar of ice shooting Electro man with spikes of ice. She felt fear grip her body again. She was out of her league and she knew it. These guys were on a totally different level to Ricoshay and Canon. The thought came to her that she could die here. What would happen then? Her death would be mourned by nearly none. Alice and her co-workers would show up but besides that who really cared if she lived or died? Suddenly a car came flying towards her. She dodged it by the skin of her teeth. She looked towards her attacker and felt the blood run from her pale face. He was a huge man who scorched the earth that he walked on. His body looked like it was made of volcanic rock. Then he spoke.
“I guess I’m left with the runt of the group huh?” His voice was warped and sounded like he was talking into a speaker.
Ice felt her gut twist and turn in fear as he came closer. She saw Omega on the ground bleeding from his mouth, Electro man’s legs were frozen to the ground, and Fly was lying on the ground. Seeing this she snapped out of her paralyzed state just in time to dodge his attack.
“You move fast for a weakling. Let’s see if you burn just as fast!” He said shooting a fireball at her.
Dodging, Ice stood up and took off her jacket.
“I hate fighting dumb pieces of crap like you” She said as she looked at her opponent.
“So what do they call you hot head?” She said looking her opponent over
“The Names Golem. And it’s the last name you will ever hear!” He shouted as he shot a fire ball at her for the second time.
Forming an ice shield she blocked the worst of his attack but still took some damage from the big lug. She dodged as he came running towards her. She realised the only thing that could beat this big idiot was her freezing his whole body. Jumping up on a demolished car she waited for him to turn around.
“Hey Gravel Mouth over here!!” She shouted at him.
“You’re gonna burn up real nice bitch!” he said charging towards her.
“This is gonna hurt” Ice thought as he got close to her.
She leapt up in the air over him and landed on his back. The rock burned her body and caused her to scream in pain. She was on the verge of tears as her body burned.
“The hell are you doing!!” He shouted as he tried to knock her off.
“Time to chill out Mongo!” She shouted as she froze his entire body.
His whole body was covered by ice, freezing him in place. Her ice trailing down his body cooled down her wounds a little but the pain was still there.
“YOU CANT DO TH-” his words were silenced as his head was encased in ice.
Pain taking over, she fell of his body and into unconsciousness.

Omega saw Ice fall off the big guy and knew this wasn’t a good. She wasn’t moving and appeared to have been burned severely. He didn’t get to think about her condition much, because he was soon kicked in the face by the teleporting dick. Omega didn’t like to be toyed with or made a fool of, especially by a guy that used a belt buckle to teleport. This really began to piss him off and he couldn’t take this idiots babbling anymore.
“So you’re the great Omega? Damn it I was hoping for some kind of a challenge!” The ass said to Omega mocking him.
“You know I don’t know what pisses me off more. Your voice or your confidence!” Omega said sweeping his legs.
Teleporting behind Omega, he stomped on his Omegas back and started talking again.
“Oh I know you’re such the tough guy. But look how the mighty has fallen.” He said stomping on Omegas back.
“I want the last thing you hear to be the name of the man who broke your neck! My name is Warp!” He said griping Omegas Neck.
“Thanks for the info” Omega said to the tool.
Just as Omega expected it to all end a bolt of electricity shot Warps belt buckle disabling it.
“Thanks Sparky!” Omega shouted to Electro man who was now taking cover.
Warp frantically tried to activate the belt as Omega got up and walked towards him.Ripping the belt off and throwing it over the edge. Warps face, though masked, showed a sense of fear.
“Now let’s get down to business shall we?” Omega said as he began work on Warp.
Gripping his mask he punched him in the face, and then kneed him in the stomach. Omega was enjoying this too much and he knew it, but he didn’t care. He beat down Warp and let the cocky idiot fall to the ground.

Now that Omega was safe Electro man had to worry about the animal he was facing.
“This City belongs to Freezing Point!!” Freezing point said as Electro man crouched behind a wrecked car.
It wasn’t easy but Electro man had to find a way to take this guy down. It would be so much easier if he could get him off that huge ice pillar. He now had a spike in his shoulder and was pinned down behind a busted car. Freezing Point was freezing everything in sight to try to flush him out.
“Come out Lightning man! Come out and face me!!” His mask making his voice sound intimidating but hard to pick up.
A thought quickly came to Electro mans mind. The Telephone wires could give a big enough charge to take Freezing point out. As he gripped the wound Omega came to his side.
“The hell are you doing Omega?” Electro man said as blood poured down his body.
“Saving Ice’s and your ass!” Omega said looking at Freezing point.
“I don’t need your help!” As Electro man said this The Fly hit the ground after being dropped from the sky.
“Holy Sh-” Omega was interrupted by vicious sonic scream by the flying bird woman.
Omega dashed over and picked up the Fly. Omega came back and laid the injured hero down. Then the man sat up and looked at the men surrounding him.
“I feel like a big Ole bag of crap!” The Fly said in a thick southern accent.
“Hey you got the easy one. I’ve been pinned down here bleeding out!” Electro man said to the Fly.
“Then let’s swap dancing partners?” The Fly said.
Electro man smiled and nodded in agreement. Flying up to the bird lady Electro man smiled as he looked her over.
“See something you like shock jock? Names Harpy. Where’s the bug?” Harpy said looking at Electro man.
“I thought you might want a little change in partners!” He said blasting electricity at Harpy.
Dodging it she flew towards him with her claws ready for him. As she hit him he shot her with electricity and sent her screaming and hurdling towards the ground.

Fly man leapt towards Freezing Point and punched him off the pillar. As he fell the Fly leapt down and planted his feet into the stomach of Freezing Point. Freezing Points armour shattered when they both hit the ground and their mission was done.
“Anyone dead?” The Fly shouted towards his teammates.
“No I don’t think so!” Omega said as he limped towards the Fly.
“Let’s get back to base before we end that way” Electro man said to his team mates.
“I feel like hell!” Ice said lifting her body off the ground.
She had done it. She was now officially a super hero. And she felt like crap. She almost died taking down that big idiot and saved god knows how many people. Sure her body was weak but her will was strong and she was sure that her burns would heal over time. Ice was now a Hero and for some reason she hoped the other team would be as successful as she was.