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As Ice got up from her bed she looked at the now sleeping fox. Last night was a great form of stress relief for Ice, considering the events that had transpired over the last few days. She had been framed for a crime she didn’t commit, forced to team up with an all knowing nerd and a guy who has a thing for Edgar Allen poi, thrashed around a bank by a huge dumb jackass and his bouncing friend, and chased down by cops. As she picked up her cloths and started to get dressed, she smiled as she pulled up her underwear and stretched. As she was about to put on cloths the door opened and someone walked in.
“Holy Crap!” Said the masked man as he stepped in opened the door.
“GET THE HELL OUT!!” Ice screamed as he closed the door at great speed.
As she turned around she saw that Fox was sitting up looking at her and smiling. Not saying a word to each other, Ice continued getting dressed. Then as the final article of clothing was put on the silence was broken by Fox.
“So last night was fun” Fox said as she smiled from under the sheets.
“Yeah. It was.” Ice said as coldly as her name would suggest while still trying to sound sincere.
“So shall we see what the hell the wakeup call was about?” Fox said as she got up and began getting dressed.
As Fox finished getting dressed both Ice and Fox walked out of the room into what seemed like an entirely different building. The lights were bright for the first time since Ice had arrived and there were some new faces or masks in the room. The masked man, who had barged into her room earlier, was having a discussion with another man in a mask with big red eyes. As she stepped out into the now bright room she saw Tech, Jerry and a guy who looked like he was from the desert. Ice walked over towards Tech to discover what the hell was going on here.
“Hey dumbass! I wanna talk to you” Ice said to Tech in a failed attempt to get his attention.
“Have a good night’s rest Ice?” Tech said without even looking Ices way.
“I thought we were going after that psychopath who cut up those women! Why do we need reinforcements?”Ice said frustrated at the genius hero
“There is more to this Ice. We aren’t exactly fighting just one guy.” Tech said still refusing to look at her.
“What do you mean?” Ice said, Tech finally catching her attention.
“There is someone who is helping this man. That person is someone powerful and someone dangerous. I wanted some back up in case things get difficult.” Tech said not changing the emotionless tone of his voice.
“And as a result Tech summoned us” The desert punk said, his mask making it difficult to understand him.
“So who are all these guys?” Ice said looking at all the masked men in the room.
“Oh Yes. Because introductions are the most important thing to do at this very moment!” Tech said sarcastically with agitation in his voice.
“I think you need sleep brother” The desert punk said.
“Brother?” Jerry said in confusion looking at Tech and “Lawrence of Arabia”
“We are all brothers here Jeremy” He said as he looked at Jerry.
“I can’t sleep! There’s too much work to be done” Tech said as he looked at the masked man.
“It s not debatable” The masked man said as he gripped Techs neck and Tech fell unconscious.
Tech dropped on the table and seemed to be asleep. Thinking about it, Ice didn’t see Tech sleep or even eat since she was introduced to him. Tech was a lot of things, but he was still human and could only take so much.
“Alpha and Omega, take Tech to a bed” The masked man ordered two other men.
“For God’s Sake!” The one in white said to him, as the smaller one looked at Ice.
“Hi! I’m Alpha. This big lug is Omega” he said presenting his hand in a sign of friendship.
“She doesn’t care!” Omega said to his brother.
“I’m Ice. What kind of names are Alpha and Omega?” She said with an air of suspicion.
“I suppose the name Ice is to correspond with you warm and welcoming bitchy attitude” Omega said flinging Tech over his shoulder.
“No it’s because I can freeze you to the ground. The attitude is just a nice touch” Ice said in a confident yet aggressive tone making it clear she was ready to take him on one to one.
“You don’t scare me little girl!” Omega said smiling in a condescending manner.
“The feeling is mutual, you pompous tool” Ice said returning his smile

Alpha blushed as he felt embarrassed for his brother’s actions. Ice didn’t seem like such a bad person, plus she was really pretty. Taking a deep breath he decided he would interact with her again.
“Um Ice?” He said to her
“Ya what is it Alpha?” She said turning to him.
“Sorry about Omegas actions. He’s kinda headstrong and over confident in his abilities, so since he won’t do it I thought I would.” Alpha said feeling a little nervous about talking to her.
“It’s fine. I’m used to people like him. But unlike all the other ones he stood his ground. That I respect.” Ice said looking around the room.
“So I guess you’re kind of curious about these guys huh?” Alpha said to her.
“No I’m checking out the “talent” here” she said sarcastically.
“Good one” Alpha said.
“Well the guy over there…” he said as he pointed towards the man in the gas mask and cloak.
“He’s the Marauder. He is a mysterious guy, seems to be colder than Tech but apparently the two have known each other longer than anyone else here. And the guy with the big Red eyes calls himself Fly Man. He’s a skilled infiltrator and likes to it when things get unpredictable.” Alpha said now holding Ices full attention.
“He sounds like he could be a liability to us” she said looking at him.
“He won’t be. He is as professional as the rest of us.” Alpha said trying to calm her.
“Then there’s you and your brother, who is that guy?” She asked as she looked at the guy who walked in on her getting changed.
“That’s Electro man a real good guy. Kind of a dope at times though.” Alpha said.
“He almost saw me naked this morning” Ice said as if it was nothing at all.
“Everyone gather around at once!” The Marauder ordered to every hero in the room.

As she walked close to the table Ice thought about Alphas words. They were all professionals. She was just a writer for some crummy magazine that got powers. She wasn’t use to fighting crooks with super powers. The odd murderer, yeah she was set for. But she mostly fought crooks with nothing but guns or knives. She never saw herself as a professional. Did she even belong here with these guys?
“There are massive attacks in the city centre and on Capitol Hill, seems like they have powers. Omega, Ice, Electro man and Fly Man, you guys go sort this out. Alpha, Raven, and Fox you guys deal with the capitol hill crowd.” The marauder ordered as he looked at the computer screen.
“Understand?” he barked
“Yeah we understand!” Omega said talking for his team
Ice walked with her group up to the service and got on her bike. She looked at her team and wondered how they would get there. Electro man floated up to the telephone wires and in a flash disappeared. Fly man leapt up on top of a building, to Ices shock, as if it was nothing. Then with shot a grappling hook at a taller building and swung out of sight.
“He thinks he’s batman” Omega said to Ice as she put on her helmet.
“How are you gonna get there Smart guy?” Ice said to the cocky hero
“I’m going to run sweetheart” He said stretching his calves as if to show off
“Really!” Ice scoffed at him
“I’m not faster than a speeding bullet but I do alright” Omega said as he flashed down the road
Ice felt fear. If these bad guys were stronger than Canon and Ricoshay could she survive?