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Walking over to the canon, he reminded her of a turtle that had fallen on its back. She almost felt sorry for him as she heard the cops come in the door. She didn’t move as she looked at him and wondered how he got so big and if he got lose what the hell would he do.
“Don’t move lady!” A voice from behind Ice said.
Ignoring the voice she stepped closer to him and put both her hands on his helmet. She began freezing the helmet until it was about to break. Standing back up ,she lifted her foot off the ground and planted it on his head shattering the helmet. The bank echoed with the sound of his violent screams. One of the officers fired a warning shot at the wall.
“I said don’t move!” The cop said.
“Oh my God, are you serious? I just saved all those peoples butts!” She said as she turned around to the swat team.
“ON THE GROUND LADY!!” he shouted as he came closer.
Ice thinking fast put her hands on the ground and used her powers. The officers were frozen in their place. Looking at them in anger, she knew she would get the blame for this. Walking out of the bank she was greeted with more angry cops looking for someone to blame. It was times like this she wished she could fly. She looked at them and raised her hands. It would take some sort of miracle to save her now. Then as if someone was doing her a favour it began to rain. With that she slammed her hands on the ground and formed a huge ice shield around her body. Running through the storm of bullets flying at her, she had to think of her feet about how she was gonna get away. She quickly turned around and faced the cops running towards her. The armour she had made now falling off of her, she used the rain to make a wall of ice between her and the cops. Sighing in relief she ran to her bike and tried to start it. It wouldn’t start, there was a first time for everything but now wasn’t the damn time!! The loud sirens were getting closer and closer. She turned the key hard and it started. Putting on her helmet she sped off. She felt adrenaline rush through her body combined with the feel of wind pushing against her, gave her a feeling that was only level with the morphine she had last night. She sped to the hideout to see if Tech had made any headway in the murderer’s identity.

When she arrived at the hideout, she saw Tech was waiting for her. She walked towards him and saw a look of curiosity on his face. She wondered had he found out something about the killer or worse had he found out about her identity.
“Congrats. You just froze five officers and let the other criminal get away” Tech said coldly
“Well I was being blamed for the damn robbery and furthermore I’m not in the mood for this sh…” Ice said but was interrupted by Tech
“Who’s blaming? I am applauding you. You didn’t kill anyone, you got away and at least you caught one of the guys.” Tech said, though it was hard to know if he was being sincere or sarcastic.
Ice watched as the strange hero walked away, down the elevator to his computer screen. Ice sighed as she watched the sun in the sky, thinking if her body could melt would she let it? How can she be able to continue knowing there is some sick son of a bitch is out there torturing women. She just wanted to know what was going through this maniacs mind.

“Now, Now, Now, My dear don’t scream so much. After all what’s the point we are in a sound proof room” Slicer said as he took his syringe in his hand.
It always made him feels good to see them wiggle and twist while obviously restrained to the table. The syringe filled up with his special serum. It would paralyze the body but not the nerves. She would feel everything he did to her. Every slice and dice he made into her supple skin would be felt. Her body would remain alive unless he made a fatal mistake, but of course that rarely happened. What the “normal” people out there didn’t understand was he was making art. Why seek perfection in modelling, acting, singing, or even in sleazy movies, when he could take the perfect parts of each woman and choose a healthy woman to bare these beautiful gifts. He had the T.V on so he could let his new patient see his latest experiment. But the news was playing a different story. What was more important than his victim? Just at the moment when he was about to turn off the T.V he saw her. A beautiful white haired woman, who had super powers, was on the T.V. She had little to no flaws; she was something of an angel if nothing else! He had found his Venus. She was going to gain the gifts he took off these women. He was going to make her his own soon, but first he would need the parts and her name. What was his angel’s name? Oh he felt wonderful. Today this victim would be cut up so well he would show his angel how much she meant to him. He smashed the porcelain face bust on the table and picked up its head. Oh how he enjoyed this part.

Ice felt a chill go down her back. Something evil was happening at that moment. When she got down below she saw there was a third member of our little party talking to Tech. Curious she wondered who had gotten tech out of his chair long enough to strike up a conversation that he seemed to be enjoying.