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Ice couldn’t believe what she had just seen on the news; it wasn’t normal or even fair. The woman was left alive and her mind was completely shattered of any normal thought or useful information about her attacker. Ice had seen killings, torture, women being taken advantage of, and girls only recently in their teens selling themselves, but this wasn’t right on any level. The bastard could have least killed her and not let her suffer any more when they had finished with their games. Why? What reason did this person have to put this woman through so much pain and suffering? Suddenly her thought was broken by the voice of Tech.
“This is not your average killer. Their either sloppy with their work to let the girl get away or…..”
The room grew silent as Tech paused. Ice knew that she was not the only one focusing on him at that moment. The Raven had not said a word or looked away from Tech since the news was turned on.
“Or?” Ice said as she stared at the hero
“Or they wanted us to find the woman. To show off their work.” Tech said as he got up off his chair.
“So what do we do then?!” Ice said as she heard no bit of pity or disgust in Techs Voice, it was interest she heard.
“You Suit up Ice.”
“You’re taking the day shift, while I investigate this psycho. Who knows, maybe it has something to do with Ms. Jenkins.” Tech said as he took off his goggles and rubbed his eyes.
Feeling like she had no other options she went to her room to get changed. She stepped out ready to go, when Tech came up to her holding something in his hand.
“Here this is a communication device. Wear it at all times. I’ll be monitoring the crime waves in the city and report them to you.” Tech said as he handed her the earpiece.
“Well I hope you can dig something up on this sick bastard” Ice Said as she put it in her ear.
“Get going” Tech said as he sat back down in his seat in front of the monitor.
Walking over to the elevator, she went up to the floor above. She pulled the tarp off the bike and got on it. Today was going to be a rough twenty four hours

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. The robbery was supposed to be just the normal guys, nothing out of the ordinary bank job, but this wasn’t the case. The big problem that occurred to Otis Lumpkin was why were there supers robbing the bank and why was he on the ground with his hands on his head? Then he remembered. The huge man and his bouncing buddy. He didn’t know who they were or what they were doing here, but what he did know was that he was screwed if they saw him move. He slowly was crawling towards the door in the hopes of getting away from these freaks. All of a sudden a there was feet in front of him.
“Oi Cannon! We got a runner!” Said the Australian, masked man.
“What? Bring him over here!” the towering man said.
Otis was dragged across the bank to the man called Cannon. Otis knew if he struggled they would kill him, so he just let his captor drag him. He was dropped in front of the monster of a man and Otis started praying to God to save him. It was funny Otis was begging to God to save him and that he was sorry for attempting to rob the bank.
“Ricoshay? What’s he doing?” Cannon said to his small friend, whose name was apparently Ricoshay.
“Mate I think he’s praying?” the little man said as both men started laughing at Otis.
Suddenly Otis was lifted up by the neck by Cannon and was slowly chocking as cannon tightened his grip. He began choking and gasping for air and started losing control of his body as it shook and tried to fight back against the behemoth. He reached down and pulled out his gun and shot the giant in his head. The grip around his neck loosened and he felt like he killed the giant. All of a sudden the giants head shot up and his grip tightened harder than before.
“Christ! You ok Cannon?” Ricoshay said to his partner.
“I’m tougher than I look ya jumping bean.” Cannon said as he gripped Otis’s neck tighter.
“Ladies and gentlemen! I and my associate here would like to show all of ya, what happens when you try to play the hero.” Ricoshay announced as Cannon looked at Otis
Otis asked god for forgiveness and the last thing everyone heard from him was his neck snapping.

Ice got closer to the bank that was apparently being robbed. Her bike would need some gas after this drive. She was thinking about how she was going to stop them and how many were there? It wasn’t easy to think with the annoying nerd reminding her that the robbery was still in progress and telling her how important it was to save these people. She saw the bank and heard Techs voice again.
“There is no way the cops are going to let you in there. You’re going to have to find your own way in.” Tech’s voice said in her ear.
“Does it matter how I get in?” Ice said wondering if she could get in ninja style.
“No. Just get in there fast” Tech said as if ordering her.
Climbing the fire escape she leapt to the closest ledge and looked down at the policemen and spectators. She saw an opening in the window overlooking the robbery. She put her hand on the glass and froze it. Kicking the glass, it shattered and she jumped down. Landing in the centre of the room she saw the men she was dealing with and the dead body at her feet.
“Looks like I got my work cut out for me with you two boys.” Ice said as she saw the men.
“Wow! Look at the legs on that one Cannon!!” the small one said as he stared at her.
“She is a looker for sure Ricoshay. But she’s probably here to stop us so we gotta bruise that pretty face.” The big guy said.
“So it’s Cannon and Ricoshay? So you’re the idiots that are robbing this place. And apparently you like to hit girls. I’m gonna put you two in your place. Bring it on!” Ice said to the two dummies.
Cannon ran towards her with great speed. Ice slid under his legs and was kicked in the face by Ricoshay. Her body hit the ground and Cannon walked over to her.
“See you have to play nice little girl” Cannon said as he picked her up from the ground and bashed her against the wall.
When he picked her up again she kicked him in his face, forcing him to let her go. Leaping over him she ran to the other side of the room. As cannon ran towards her she froze his path forcing him to slip and hit the wall. She leapt up on top of him and quickly froze his suit. He began struggling in the ice but was getting nowhere by doing so.
“Move all you like I froze you solid. I hope the cops can unthaw you in time” Ice said as she looked towards Ricoshay.
“You’re a dead bitch!!” Ricoshay said as he pointed towards Ice, this time she wasn’t going easy on him.
Ricoshay ran towards her and unlike the last time he didn’t get the jump on him she got it on him. She gripped his groin and smiled at him.
“You have seen what I can do. Imagine what I can do to this?” Ice said as she gripped tighter.
“Now your gonna be a good little boy and surrender aren’t you?”She said.
As soon as she finished her sentence she was head butted and let go of him. He jumped against the wall and bounced out the window. It was clear now why his name was Ricoshay. He could propel against the walls at a high speed. The people were safe and he wasn’t going to hide for long.