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Tech was not your average hero. Sure he had the fighting skill, intelligence, and connections to other heroes that almost every hero had, but he stayed out of the lime-light. Why did he do this? Because he didn’t want to be another logo, an image people relied on to save them every time they were in trouble. It was physically impossible. He only wanted to help people, but didn’t want to let them down. So he stayed in the shadows and only got involved when he was needed, and that was very rare. Tech researched every hero that ever made the papers and make contact with them in small ways. However, he chooses to stay in contact and even meet the Raven because he needed some sort of hero to be public. He couldn’t let the public not have someone to look up to and remind them that there’s people who are out there to help. So while Raven was out there, Tech would stay in the shadows and collect information. He had all the information he would need to track down any criminal at any time. But the recent Mary Crane incident intrigued him. In fact there was no sign of entry or exit at all. As for her body it was cut with some sort of knife after it had received a number of bruises by her attacker. It was easy to blame the “close friend”, as the papers put it, of Samantha Jenkins, who had been seen arguing with her on so many occasions and the fact that her ID was on the ground when the body was found. Something about this made sense, but at the same time made no sense what so ever. On the one hand they had the proof that Mary Crane had been there and had motive, as she was seen arguing with ms Jenkins the day in question about something. So it was very possible that their argument had continued and things got rough between them. Tech had a belief that half the population had the instinct to kill, one third of the world would admit to having this instinct, and one 5th of the world would kill someone in murder, war or manslaughter. But from both Ice’s and Raven’s description Mary didn’t seem to have any knowledge of the crime and only fought to stop the Raven from bringing her to prison. Ms. Crane was a smart woman and if she had done it she would have escaped instead of going to a job she clearly hated. So there still stood the question:
Who murdered Samantha Jenkins?

Ice woke up in on the ground she decided to sleep on the previous night. She didn’t get much sleep the previous night and for good reason. She didn’t trust these guys and couldn’t believe that Sam was dead and she was the prime suspect!! She wondered how Alice was taking this information. Alice was probably sitting working right now and hearing the news. Sure she would never be found out because of the care they both took towards contact with each other. While in College the met each other and became the best of friends. When Mary came out about her sexuality, Alice fully understood and accepted her. Alice would help Mary when she was down on her luck or needed some help. When Mary started feeling weird and cold, Alice was the first person there for her and took care of her. When she found out about her powers, Alice offered to help her out any way she could. If they weren’t as close as family they were pretty damn close. If Alice beloved the news then it would destroy their whole relationship. Now she was on the run and had to find out who the hell did the crime, so they would pay for what they did. To do this, she needed the help of the Black Bird and Techie. With this knowledge she got up and walked out the door into the computer room.
“Good morning boys. Get enough sleep?” Ice said as she entered the room.
“I rarely sleep” Tech said not looking away from the computer screen.
“I usually work nights so I sleep during the day” Raven said as he pulled down his mask.
“Do you guys have a shower? Girls gotta look good.” Ice said feeling relived that she remembered the chemicals in her hair was waterproof.
“Over there to your left” The Raven said as he carefully disconnected his wings from his spine.
“Is that dangerous?” Ice said as he watched the Raven as he painfully removed the wings.
“Only if I do something wrong.” Raven said as he looked at Ice.
“Why? Do you suddenly care?” Raven said as he smirked over at Ice.
“Shut the hell up. We are heroes we should trust each other, if we hope to solve this crime.” Ice said as she walked to the shower room.
Turning on the Shower she let the water wash her of any feeling that she should not go down this path of vengeance.

Officer Nolan didn’t know what to expect when he heard about somebody finding a woman screaming in an alleyway. There is always some crazy woman, who misses her cats or off her medication or something like that. He stepped down the alleyway and felt like a cop from one of those old time TV shows. He started playing out the scene in his head as if it was a radio drama.
“Officer Nolan, best cop on his beat, stepped down the alleyway. Nobody was going to mess with his beat, especially while he was on duty. All this dame needed was to be calmed down and shown that none would…”
At that moment his mind stopped thinking of childish things and suddenly realised how serious things were. This wasn’t an ordinary disturbance it was something that was, in short sick. The woman was screaming, but it was for help and with good reason. The woman was on the ground, wrapped in a grey cloth, had scars on her body, her left hand had a set of hand cuffs on it and she was wearing a mask. She was clearly in a lot of pain and was reaching out for his help.She was saying something to him but at first he couldn’t make it out. He leaned down to her and listened carefully. In a weak and horse voice she said:
Help me!
He quickly got to his feet and called headquarters.
“Headquarters we have an injured woman. Send an ambulance to the alley on Gold Street between the Apartment complex and O Malays Irish Pub. “He said over his radio in a panic.
Within 3 minutes the woman was taken away into an ambulance and the situation was already making the news. Officer Nolan didn’t like this at all and wished for once he hadn’t become a cop. Finding the broken girl was bad enough, but hearing the mask was burnt and would be stuck to her face without extreme facial surgery was worse. He almost got sick when he found out she was subject to surgery and could feel everything being cut and pulled. How was she still alive?

Ice came out of the shower and stepped out to see that the two other heroes were standing in front of the computer watching a newscast. Something was wrong. She stepped closer to the monitor and looked up at the screen. Listening to the news and seeing the pictures of the victim she vomited on the floor.
“No way did a woman do that.” Raven said
“What the hell is going on in this city?” Ice said as she regained control.