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Ice decided she would need some of her old cloths before she could pick up the chemicals. Due to the fact she was now being considered a vigilante by the people she couldn’t go out in the open in the cloths she had on now. She also really needed to wash her cloths. She walked towards her motorcycle and picked up her helmet. Just as she was about to put it on Tech contacted Ice over her earpiece.
“Ice where are you? I wasn’t finished with your tests.” Tech said not sounding concerned about her well being but rather concern about his tests.
“I got some things to do, I’ll be back later.” Ice said trying to end the conversation before Tech decided it was time to give her a speech.
“What things? Whatever they are I am sure they can wait! Now get back down here and rest!” Tech ordered Ice as if he had some authority over her.
“I’m sorry…Are you implying that you have authority over me?” Ice asked in an irritated fashion.
“I have authority over you, Raven and anybody else who I decide to work with! You don’t realise that there are certain side effects to the Nano therapy that can be dangerous if you don’t get proper treatment. Now get back down here before I call Raven to pick you up and force you back here!” Tech said sounding only slightly concerned but Ice didn’t believe it was her he was curious but rather the tiny machines currently fixing up her body.
“Bye bye Techie” Ice said as she pulled out her earpiece, put on her helmet and started her bike.
Her bikes engine roared as she drove to her old apartment hoping that there wouldn’t be any problems when she arrived.

She stopped in the alleyway across from her building and took off her helmet. She picked up the empty bag that she brought to carry her cloths and put her helmet inside of it. She went into the building through the back entrance and started climbing the stairs to the third floor. The first floor would be full of people looking to get a room in the building or checking out and the second floor would be crowded with the maids and cleaning staff this hour of the day. She slowly crept towards the elevator and saw it was on the same floor. This granted her some relief; she wanted to get in and out of this place as fast as she could hopefully with nobody knowing she was even there. Pressing the button the doors slid open and she stepped in. She pressed the button to the tenth floor and waited. The elevator ride seemed to be the longest one she had ever experienced. She was terrified at the thought that the elevator would stop at any of the floors before she had the chance to get her cloths. This was a dangerous place to be, especially for her of all people. If Tech heard that she was in the building it wouldn’t take long before he realised that she and Mary Crane were one and the same. Of course if she didn’t get some of her cloths then she couldn’t pick up the chemicals and he would find out sooner or later because her hair would return to its normal colour. She held her breath as she reached the last few floors before the tenth floor. She started to subconsciously say the numbers as she past them.
“7…8….9” Ice said as she watched the light on the ninth floor pause. Her breath quickened as she felt like she was about to be seen. Just then the light turned to the tenth floor and her nerves were put at ease. She started to feel a little sick, but blamed it on the tense atmosphere.
She pulled down her goggles to see if there were any heat signatures in her room. Luckily there were no signatures in her room and she slowly walked towards her old room. She put her key into the door and prayed that the locks wouldn’t have been changed. Luckily the key worked like a charm and she got back into her old place.
It took about an hour to pack everything she needed including clothes, money and a few things she felt she would need. Suddenly she started to feel sick and off balance. She hit the ground hard and began throwing up.
“Techs damn machines!” She said as she vomited again.
Her body felt like someone was trying to crawl out of her body slowly. Her vision started to blur and she could only hear herself breathing.
Suddenly she heard something. A noise of some kind. Wait it wasn’t a noise it was a voice. She lost consciousness shortly after.

Waking up in Techs medical bay, Ice was disorientated and felt sick. She was greeted by Tech in his usual caring manner.
“Still think you’re smarter than me?” Tech said looking at what she could assume was her chart.
“Are you really this petty? I mean seriously!” Ice said as she didn’t care for Techs tone.
“You tell me? From all the time you have known me, am I this petty?” Tech asked.
“Where’s my bike? Where’s my bag? Where’s all my stuff?” Ice said getting increasingly nervous about his expressionless face.
“Raven picked up your stuff when he found you at the apartment. He brought them back and put them in your quarters. He was actually worried about you for some odd reason.” Tech said putting the chart down.
“As for your bike I heard Omega was still in town so he decided to drive it back for you.” Tech explained as he walked to the end of the room and closed the door.
“What happened to me?” Ice asked as Tech walked back towards her.
“The Nanites can’t go out into the sun. They grow as sunlight hits them and it sends them into a frenzy. If they get into a frenzy they start tearing up the body they are currently in seeking a way out. Hence why I told you to NOT leave the compound until your treatment was finished.” Tech explained to Ice as he sat down in his chair.
“What do you want Tech?” Ice asked feeling embarrassed that something as small as the things that are healing her also were the reason she was so sick now.
“You know I don’t often acknowledge in Occam’s razor due to my belief that a situation isn’t always that simple. Of course some situations do require me to put this belief aside and acknowledge that it was that simple.” Tech said as if Ice was on his level of intelligence.
“I have a question. What’s Occam’s Razor?” Ice asked confused.
“It’s a belief that states that in situations that have many different solutions the obvious answer is usually the correct one.” Tech said as he looked towards Ice.
“What’s that got to do with anything?” Ice said terrified of his next question.
“Why were you at that apartment?” Tech said looking at Ice.
“I…I was looking for some clothes and things to wear… and since Im…” Ice tried to explain knowing she was going to fail
“You’re Mary Crane aren’t you?” Tech said coldly.