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Ice woke up in the uncomfortable medical bay of Techs lab. The nano-machine therapy was working on her burnt body, but it was still a pain in the ass. She wasn’t over excited about getting back into action, after all that guy Golem left nearly fifty percent of her body burned. If it wasn’t for Techs nano-machines she wouldn’t be looking as good as she does now, but she had a problem with a million little spider like machines all over her naked body. Luckily Tech never let anyone besides himself and Ice in the room when they were using the nano-machines and Tech assured Ice that he would not try any funny business.
Ice looked over to Tech and in curiosity decided to ask him something that had been on her mind since she started helping him and the Bird out.
“Tech mind if I ask you something?” Ice asked as she weakly rose from the table.
“You can ask me anything but depending on if it interests me I may or may not answer you” Tech said as calculated and cold as always.
“Do you have any Superpowers?” Ice asked as Tech suddenly stopped typing.
“Really? Of all the questions you could ask me you choose the one you already know the answer to?” Tech said almost mockingly.
“I think you aren’t showing us everything you can do. I think you have a secret that none else knows.” Ice said confidently towards the cocky man
“Well trust me my abilities are by no means as interesting as that of CryoKinesis” Tech said now confusing Ice
“What’s Cryokinesis?” Ice asked curiously
“Cryokinesis is the ability to cause temperature decline in matter through touch. While this is occurring however, the trigger itself remains comfortable at normal body temperature.” Tech explained in a fashion that made Ices head spin.
“In English please?” Ice said slightly irritated
“Your ability to control ice interests me. That is Cryokinesis.” Tech said sounding like a college lecturer.
“Well couldn’t you have said that in the first place?” Ice barked at Tech
“I refuse to dumb down my vocabulary just because you refuse to pick up a book and expand yours.” Tech said as he looked at his screen
“So that’s your super power…being a compulsive dick and a know it all” Ice said smirking at him
“I do enjoy knowing it all” he said as he walked out of the room leaving Ice frustrated and alone in the medical bay.
She walked out of the room putting on her clothing. She turned on the T.V and the first thing that appeared on the small box was the news reporting on the battle that she was involved in only a few days ago. The destruction of the city centre was clear but it wasn’t anything that wouldn’t be fixed within a few months. The people on the other hand were the most affected. Every resident of the area had some sort of comment towards the event. The most striking comment was from a middle aged mother
“Those damn Supers think they can do as they like. Supers showing up and taking the law into their own hands result in these super “villains” being created by the common folk whose lives these supers ruin. My family have to stay in a hotel because of those freaks! And that’s all they are FREAKS!!”
What that woman said struck a nerve with Ice. She wasn’t a freak was she? She thought she was helping the community by working with those other heroes, but it turns out she was causing more trouble. Was what she was doing right? She was so used to taking out petty crooks and killers with no powers. She never considered that she maybe wasn’t helping at all, but causing more trouble. This thought plagued her mind as she walked into the main chamber, where the bird was looking towards the computer that Tech was currently using.
“I’m going on patrol now Ice Tech says you should be fine by tomorrow.” Raven said as he attached his wings to his back.
“Great. I am really looking forward to getting back to protecting the city that hates me.” Ice said sarcastically.
“Welcome to being a hero. The second most thankless job in the world next to politicians, and politicians hate us.” Raven said as he took the elevator up to the surface.
Ice walked closer to Tech as he was typing reading over some data on the computer. Ice had noticed her hair was starting to go darker, the chemicals were wearing off. She would need to get in contact with Alice and ask her for some of her chemicals.
“Um…is there anywhere I can make a private call to someone?” Ice asked hoping to not get monitored by Tech.
“Yeah. Whets it about?” Tech asked
“I…need some feminine stuff” Ice said confident he wouldn’t ask any other questions.
“What kind?” Tech surprisingly asked
“DO I GET NO PRIVACY!?” Ice said her whole body turning a bright blue.
“Well that’s new….Here type in the name of the person and you can video chat with her provided she has a laptop” Tech said as he got up and walked out of the room.
“Thank you” Ice said her body returning to its normal colour.
Ice typed Alice’s email into the computer and just as tech said an invitation to video chat came up. Alice accepted and suddenly her face was on the screen. Her face appeared on the screen. She was still the same. Blonde curly hair tied back, freckles; pretty face, black framed glasses and wearing something that made her look unemployed.
“MARY! What the hell have you been doing?!” Alice barked as she looked at her sister.
“I’m innocent. Look long story short I am working with some guys to track down Sam’s killer and clear my name but I’m running low on chemicals and…” Ice explained.
“You need me to drop some off somewhere you can pick them up. You do know I am not impressed at your city square rumble right?” Alice said in her usual judgemental tone.
“When have I ever impressed you with my actions honey?” Mary said with a smirk on her face.
“May I suggest a new outfit by the way? That one’s a little biker fetish for my liking, plus your running with the big boys now right?” Alice asked
“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? I think it suits me.” Mary asked as she looked at her burnt outfit.
“Besides looking like you just ran through a fire?” Alice said jokingly
“Better than what you’re wearing my dear” Mary said as they began to laugh, but soon that laughter disappeared and the reality of their situation hit.
“Am I safe?” Alice said with a hint of fear in her voice.
“I don’t know. I hope so. But carry some protection just in case ok?” Ice said as concerned as Alice was.
“Ok. Love you” Alice said and signed off.
Ice thought to herself. Wondering about her outfit and how could she improve on it? Was Alice in danger? Was Ice even safe here with Tech and Raven? There were so many ifs and buts that she had to consider.