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Well, considering the time of year and how close we are to a certain holiday (only 4 or so weeks away now I think), I thought I might once again test the water with this idea and see I people would be interested in participating in the Santa Swap again if I reopened it for December this year.
Basically for those of you that missed it last year, you make a “Christmas List” of 5 heromachine related things, someone gives you one of those things, you give them something off their list in return, like giving and receiving presents. It is a Christmas thing after all, the idea is to be generous.
The thread will be opened on December 1st (if I get a decent level of interest) and remain open until Christmas Eve (that’d be the 24th of December, if you didn’t know). You can see the rules in the post above and last years thread is here:
So are you guys interested?