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@Herr D said:

Well! I might suggest that everyone who has a list item made for them on the SantaSwap is obligated to make, after calling dibs on it, something. In hm3, following hm3 rules, with text, on someone’s list or the closest they can manage within six calendar days of logging back on and finding it. Or something of quality hand-drawn with the appropriate begging and pleading that dblade or Jeff trace, alter, upload, etc. if they are willing. That way I can guarantee my own participation and throw out the insecurity that anyone might feel, including possibly my own. [looks around to see if anybody caught that with great suavity and debonairness and subtleation. And poisehood!]

I agree with the idea that if you’ve asked for something and you get it, you should use it, when concerning poses, items and backgrounds. But I’m not sure about the asking for hand-drawn stuff to be uploaded, that wasn’t really what I had in mind, unless the people on here who can draw are happy to do it.
I like the name idea as well, I might use it for the main thread when it opens on Saturday.

Are there any suggestions people would like to add to the list of things you can ask for? To give people ideas.
At the moment I’ve got:
Character Redesigns
New Character Ideas (if you’ve got a team of heroes or villains and you’re struggling to think of members, stuff like that)
Custom Poses with Text
Custom Items with Text (using items already in the program)
Custom Backgrounds with Text
Personal Portraits (if you ever wanted to see yourself or someone you know in heromachine form)
Tutorials on how to do a certain effect (just don’t make it machinist specific, it’s meant to be so that anyone can give any gift).

And any changes/ additions to rules?
Current Rules:
Each person who participates must put up a list of 5 ‘presents’ that they’d like to receive
If you receive a present you must give a present back
If you make a custom pose/item/background as a present include the text string so the person receiving the gift can use it
If you receive a custom pose/item/background you obliged to use it at some point during the time the Santa Swap is taking place but post usage onto your own thread and mark out that it was from the Santa Swap (exceptions will be made for those who get gifts in the last few days before the thread closes)
Don’t ask a specific machinist to give you a present, whilst they may be happy to do it, you’re excluding others from giving that gift

Hopefully we’ll see some good participation in the weeks leading up to Christmas.