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Here’s a third character where I’m still playing around with reflective clothing. In this case, I have a red and silver metal suit.


Dr. Emily Silver is one the most intelligent and skilled engineers in the world. Her life, however, is marked with tragedy when her fiance is collateral damage in an evil scientist’s mad experiment. As a result, she creates an exoskeleton suit that extends her human abilities to superhuman levels. Her third incarnation of the armor is her most advance yet, now that it can fire concussive blasts. The past skills of super strength and speed are still present but she is working on adding flight. Because Dr. Silver is claustrophobic, she only wears her helmet under extreme circumstances. Only recently has her actions become noticed by the media which have dubbed her Metal Streak.

Admittedly, I’m not as happy with this one as the last two. In fact this one was originally going to be Syn-47, but I didn’t like the finished product. So, I just changed the coloring and the shading a bit and presto-chango, a new hero is born.