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Wow! Thank y’all so much! The wings were definitely the focal point of this character. As soon as I set the pose, I worked on the wings. What’s funny is that I was originally going to do a fairy but decided I wanted huge, feathery wings, instead.

Valyndril – I welcome all comments, including criticisms. Honestly, I had thought about that spot on the cheek after I posted, but, at that point, I was just glad to be done. Also, I thought that I should have tried do the whiteout thing on the hair, but I’ll give it shot on the next character. Just so you’ll know, your stuff inspired me to use more items and show more detail.

FYI, for those following the Red Bat comics, I plan on getting back to those once I finish the Black Witch character on my Sumina thread. It’ll be interesting to see if I can incorporate these new techniques into those, especially when it comes to Red Bat’s costume.

Now, off to try and knock out a character for the Pop Quiz.