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I originally was making this for Kaldath’s Shock Girl redesign contest but didn’t have time to finish, so I changed her into a sidekick for Red Bat. You’ll notice I was just a little inspired by Stargirl. Meet Spark:


Sally Sparks, daughter of famous archeologist Donald Sparks, was rummaging through her dad’s warehouse and happened upon a strange staff. When she touched it, the staff came alive and electricity jolted her body. In that moment she learned that she’d stumbled on the ancient rod of Zeus, and she had been granted it’s abilities when she wielded it. Obviously she could throw powerful lightning bolts and fly, but she could also travel at the speed of light to any destination (as long as she knew where it was) and it protected her from physical harm while increasing her strenght. Because Dr. Silver was a friend of the family, she asked Red Bat to train her to be hero (mainly to keep Sally out of trouble).

I hope the coloring came out okay since I did most on my laptop. If it didn’t, I’ll fix it when I get on a better computer.