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Getting sick of Red Bat? Too bad! Here’s St. Sapphire and Red Bat, aka, “The Darling Duo”, in a playful, sexy pose.


I changed St. Sapphire’s mask because it’s hard to do it from another perspective, and I ended up not liking it as much as I thought. I also took away the two-tone look and made her suit one color. Originally, I was going to give her some type of jet pack but decided her propulsion would come from her hair. Don’t ask me how, it’s all very science-y.

I had a lot of fun creating the gratuitous butt shot. Both poses came from artist Warren Louw who does great comic illustrations. St. Sapphire was based on a Black Canary picture he did and the Red Bat off one of his original characters. I wanted to do the characters bigger like this so I could have more room to work on there faces, which I thought turned out well. And, I also got my “shine” on.