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What? No pirate jokes, especially using the word “booty”? I’m shocked! Well, if that didn’t “shiver your timbers”, perhaps this new Red Bat villian will. Here’s the vivacious Fluffy, in Spoiler-Vision:


Fluffy is one of Red Bat’s more crazy and dangerous opponents. Born with a genetic mutation, she has super-strong legs that allow her to hop like a rabbit. She can bounce to great heights and fights like a kickboxer. Fluffy has been known to crush a person’s head with her thighs.

Admittedly, I didn’t spend as much time on this as I could have. The problem is, I have a ton of ideas but so little time to create. Family and work doesn’t leave me much free time. So there will be more Red Bat, pirates, and yes, even fairies (those take the longest), but sadly you’ll just have to wait.

BTW, I created this character to mock White Rabbit, a waste of a Batman villian.