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Thank you for the comments both here and on my power user profile, but let’s get back to business. I was going to submit this for the Psychics contest but didn’t have time to finish:


Bhavishya had the ability to see the future, although he could not control when the visions came. With his magic turban he could let others see his visions. The day of the chronal jump, he had a feeling he should not go which was unusual since he normally only dealt in what he could see. Moments before the event he had a vision of what would take place but it was too late for him to warn the heroes. He lived into extreme old age, but disappeared 20 years before the heroes would return and is presumed dead.

I may do a modern day version if I decide he’s alive or not, but I’ll probably do some other characters first. I played around with the coloring more so than I did on the last character, but I think I was able to create more depth. It’s a lot of work, and I’m not sure I’ll do it this way on everyone I create, but we’ll see.