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Man, work is robbing me of my HM’ing time. With Sumina-verse coming to a close soon, I think, I’ll start a new line of heroes/villains. Here’s the backstory:

During WWII, history originally recorded that during a final battle between Allied superheroes and Axis supervilliains, the Allies won and turned the tide of the war. Their victory delayed the Nazis development of the nuclear bomb and guaranteed the Allies ultimate victory. However, a mysterious event took place in which all the fighters disappeared, thus, changing history forever. As a result, the outcomes of several key battles changed and resulted in a stalemate between the U.S and Germany. Both developed the nuclear bomb about the same time, so while the U.S bombed Japan, Germany bombed western Russian and central England. Fast forward to our time and the world is a much different place, such as the United States of North America (the old U.S. and Canada) and the German Republic (mainland Europe). And now some of those heroes and villains have returned to this time…

My thought is to create them in both their original costume and their alternative 2013 version.