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This is Hotfoot, a member of The Rejects – D List heroes with limited powers that banded together after being rejected by more well known teams. Hotfoot is a Pyrokinetic, she can create fire but only through her feet. She can ‘kick’ the balls of fire she creates and has begun to play soccer as a way to improve her accuracy. Like all members of the Rejects, Hotfoot wants to do good and be a true hero (think Great Lakes Avengers / Hero Hotline) but is somewhat inept in her execution.
Recently the Rejects went on an accidental cross dimensional foray where they met two alternate versions of themselves. The Protectorate are the premier heroes of their world and The Evil Eight are their dark opposites. Their dimensional doppelgangers have the exact same powers as their Rejects counterparts but have been able to hone their abilities in ways the Rejects had never thought. Since this incident, the Rejects have rededicated themselves and strive to be more like their heroic alternates in the Protectorate.


I will post Hotfoot’s dimensional doubles Afterburner (Protectorate) and Flashfire (Evil Eight) once they are done.