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The fourth of seven members of the Southern Stars, Opal is from Alice Springs and is of mixed European and Indigenous heritage. Opal takes her name from the large opal that is embedded in her throat, a creation stone from the Dreamtime that she stumbled upon. The stone found her worthy and gifted her with its powers.
Opal can create items of solid opal, even her costume is a layering of flexible opal that flows over her from the stone when she uses its power. Any items that opal creates are permanent as long as they are in her possession; but if she relinquishes them they crumble into dust after about an hour. The limits of Opal’s abilities are unknown though at present she can only create simple objects.
As she comes to master the stone’s abilities she should be able to create almost anything.

Opal recently discovered that she can encase people in her opaline substance, when she seemingly turned a villain the team was fighting into a statue of solid opal. For the next hour she thought that she had killed someone but when the coating dissolved from around the immobilised villain, she discoivered the truth. (Note she needs to be in physical contact with a person/being/item to attempt to encase them).