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No comics universe is complete without a power copying villain, given that I present to you Adapto the Amazoid. Adapto was originally a bio-synthetic android created by the Overlord for one of his many world domination schemes, to eliminate the Guardians. At the heart of Adapto is a crystal of unknown origin that the Overlord was never able to duplicate and attempts to create more Adapto androids all failed. Adapto managed to defeat the Guardians and would have killed them had not a recently rescued Druidic stepped in to stop him. Druidic managed to banish the villain before it could adapt to his powers, saving the team which then went on to defeat the Overlord.
The Android eventually managed to find its way back to the base he was created in to find it abandoned. Following its programming, Adapto powered down to wait for new orders. The android stood unmoving for several years until the League of Villainy appropriated the old base for their use. Finding the unpowered android, they were able to reprogram it with a rudimentary personality and a criminally bent persona. Repowering Adapto, they offered the android a place on the team as an equal member, never needing to take orders from another master. Since then, Adapto has been a constant in the ever changing roster of the league and potentially its most powerful member.


The influences for this character should be painfully obvious.