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Two new characters, one a hero turned villain, the other a villain turned hero.
Wildfyre is a being of elemental fire, his body is solidified flame – except for his hair. He became trapped in the mortal world when a wizard bound him to his current solid form, using him for his own purposes. At the time he was a mindless, soulless being and would have stayed that way if not for an act of sacrifice. During a battle between his master and the GoJ, a paramedic attending to the wounded civilians was terribly burned by one of Wildfyre’s blasts. Druidic, sensing Wildfyre’s nature and unable to heal the dying Paramedic gave him a choice. The Paramedic, Jason Tyler could die in peace despite his horrendous wounds or, Druidic could transplant his essence into the rampaging elemental, he would live but it would be in a body not his own and not even remotely human. The paramedic saw the destruction being caused and accepted that his sacrifice would save countless lives. Druidic cast the spell and Jason’s spirit was fused to the elemental. The new being created had no memories of his previous existence but, a strong drive to heal and protect caused it to start helping the heroes turning the tide of battle against his former master.
Since then the new being, which named himself Wildfyre has worked to integrate into this strange new world he has found himself in and seems to be regaining some of Jason’s memories and personality. Whether Jason will fully reimerge and regain some semblance of his self remains to be seen.
Marcus Brand was a Vietnam veteran who took up the identity of Brother Hood to fight the druglord who was destroying his neighbourhood. The druglord found out who he was and blackmailed Marcus into working for him. Six months of brainwashing and drug treatments later, the vicious killer Tigerclaw appeared. The druglord was eventually brought to justice but Tigerclaw escaped and has been a freelance hitman and enforcer ever since.

I know the whole Brother Hood persona is a bad stereotype but he is meant to be from the 70’s and thats pretty much what black heroes were back then. The new Brother Hood is nothing like that but has kept the name to honour his predecessor (and Uncle). Washington Brand seeks to rescue his uncle and redeem the good man he once was.