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Pat Two of the Guardians of Justice team.

Here we have the GoJ’s resident gentle giant Jotun. Joun has a secret that I will let you in on; the publc view is that he is a man with growth powers, whilst in reality he is a giant with shrinking powers – a fact that is a closly guarded secret known only to a select few (not even all his team mates know). He never shrinks smaller than his statuesque 7’2″ Jotun persona if it ca possibly be avoided. If he must, he can shrink to as small as 6″ tall.

Rivaled in strength only by Captain Wonder.

And rounding out part two we have Redbow, the Scarlet Archer (he was originally called Red Arrow but then a few years ago DC decided to rename Roy Harper that when he was in the Justice League of the time).

Look for the final three members of the Guardians of Justice and the related group the Young Guardians (like the Teen Titans/Young Avengers).