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The Voltans are not particularly inventive and they are not known for their ingenuity, as their culture emphasizes conformity and discourages individuality and critical thought. From a young age, Voltans are taught that their culture is superior and that the destruction of inferior races and cultures is an honorable duty. Each individual Voltan is expected to put the interests of the empire above their own personal interests and passions. Voltans who fail the empire become outcasts, and usually make their living as mercenaries and bounty hunters. These individuals can usually be found in the dark alleys, gambling halls and opium dens of the slums of Volta. Despite their lack of imagination, the Voltans have a passion for military tactics, weapons and technology. They posses interstellar spacecraft, energy based hand weapons, energy fences and highly effective brainwashing equipment.
(Note: The Voltans are a Public Domain race from the Golden Age of comics, I have added my own twist to them for this Update).
Whilst it is known that there are male and female Voltans, it is impossible for a non-Voltan to tell the gender of any individual Voltan they encounter by their external appearance alone. This can be quite disconcerting to non-Voltans…..