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Blue Blazer

Alias: Devil Ray
Real Name: Harland Watkins
Genre: Mercenary
Power(s)/Ability(s): uses high-tech underwater suits
Affiliations: anyone willing to pay him
Other Aliases: Octopus, Swordfish, Killer Whale, Angler
Status: at large
Harland was once a Navy Seal, well-versed in underwater espionage and demolition. But the thrill of his patriotic friends did not seem to course through him, so he left the service and went to work as a hired aqua-terrorist. To avoid capture, Harland took on various aliases, all aquatic animals, but the one he uses most is Killer Whale. Harland wears a black wetsuit, and attached to his scuba tank is a booster he designed himself, which propels him swiftly through the deep waters of the oceans. Many electronic explosives are magnetically attached to his suit, for easy access and to avoid dropping any.

The Devil Ray Suit is equipped with sonar, as well as the large glider wings, which provide propulsion and hidden torpedoes.

Harland has had many a run-in with undersea superheroes Blue Marlin and Waverunner, but always manages to evade capture.