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Blue Blazer

Alias: American Man
Real Name: Nick Garrett
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: highly skilled athlete, expert marksman and hand-to-hand-combatant
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: bo staff
Affiliations: Freedom Four, Lady Liberty, American Girl
Past Aliases: None
Status: Active
Later in her career, Lady Liberty volunteered her womb in order to birth a superior hero. The seed of four men, each possessing a quality necessary to make the perfect offspring, was combined and inserted into Liberty during an experimental operation. However, instead of giving birth to one son, Liberty had quadruplets, each displaying the personality traits and genetic advantages of one of the “four fathers.” Now the four brothers, in their early-thirties, fight evil together as the Freedom Four, picking up where their mother left off.
American Man is the leader of the brothers. His weapon of choice is the bowstaff. He displays personality traits like courage, sensitivity, and responsibility. Of the four, he has the best relationship with his sister Kate, AKA American Girl.