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Blue Blazer

Name: Amelia Delacroix
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: Bone manipulation, rapid healing factor
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Power House
Other Aliases: none
Status: in training

Amelia’s parents discovered her power when their daughter was only 4. In a tantrum, Amelia had thrown herself crying onto the floor of the Delacroix living room. Her mother tried to pick her up and was suddenly scratched on the arm deep enough to need 12 stitches. As she held her bleeding arm, she noticed a small, thin white object sinking into the skin of Amelia’s fingertip.
She was taken to the doctor, who found nothing wrong with Amelia nor anything embedded in her skin that didn’t belong there.
But over the years, it became apparent that Amelia had something special about her. When she became angry, which was more and more frequent as she got older, she seemed to be able to push her bones out through her skin in spikes, making incredibly sharp points. When the bones receded into Amelia’s body, the resulting wounds healed themselves quickly, as did any other injury Amelia suffered.
Amelia was kept at the house and home-schooled to keep the anti-mutant world from finding out about her, and her mother endured the cuts and slashes she received as a result of her daughter’s seemingly limitless rage. When she turned 13, Amelia’s mother was incredibly relieved to be able to put her daughter at Power House.
As was typical, Amelia saw this as negative and that her mother was abandoning her, which only fueled her resentment for the world. She is soon to graduate from the school, but still needs someone to teach her to curb her rage.