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Blue Blazer

Alias: Amber Waves

Real Name: Amberlin Waverly

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: uncanny aim

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: crossbow; multi-purpose arrows

Affiliations: Americorps

Other Aliases: none

Status: active


Amberlin had become one of America’s sweethearts by the time she turned 15. Since she was a little girl, she had shown a remarkable knack for archery, and had entered and won contests all her life. Grown men were stunned by the teenager’s gift, and couldn’t believe they were bested time and again by her. Word of Amberlin’s talent reached the ears of Ezra Zane, the director of the government-funded supergroup Americorps, and he approached Amberlin for recruitment. An avid patriot, Amberlin was more than happy to oblige, and so she became Amber Waves and joined the numerous ranks of Americorps.