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Blue Blazer

Alias: Amazonia
Real Name: Helena McKnight
Genre: Supervillain
Powers/Special Skills: super strength, stamina, durability
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Wildwolf, Lockjaw, Sinister Society
Other Aliases: none
Status: at large
Helena was once a member of a secret superhuman race hidden deep within the Brazilian rainforests. This was a society completely dominated by the incredibly powerful females, who used their vast strength to enslave any male offspring they had bore. For some reason, the men in this race did not exhibit the same super strength as the women.
But one afternoon, when Helena was hunting in the thick forests surrounding the Amazon city, she came upon a man who looked almost half-animal, rooting through the low-growing vegetation for small animals to eat. He was nothing like the weak men that her race used for reproduction and hard labor. He was fierce and savage, and he reeked of pure masculinity. Helena could not deny her attraction to this beast man, and she let him lead her to a crude shacks he’d built, where they made love. For several weeks they continued to meet at this place, secluded from everything, until before too long Helena began to demonstrate the obvious signs of being pregnant.
Since Amazonian women were not allowed to mate before the age of 24, and because Helena was only 22, she was brought before the high council. It was decided that Helena would be banished from the tribe, and that the baby would be drowned in the mighty river. Horrified that her people would do this to her, Amazonia confronted and killed the leader of the race, and fled with the wild man she’d met in the forest. He seemed to possess not only the appearance of a beast, but also the keen senses of an animal. He could hunt like no other human she’d ever seen, though he never spoke until one day, after they had traveled north together for several weeks, he began to talk to her. She also noticed that he appeared less hairy and that his posture seemed to improve.
The man was finally able to explain to Helena that he was an uncommon type of werewolf. His transformation to wolf-form only happened once a year and lasted 2 months. He lived in America and his name was Nathan McKnight. He traveled to the remoteness of the Amazon wilderness to keep from killing the society he was in. Nathan finally resumed full human form by the time they reached the U.S. border in Mexico, and he was able to sneak Helena through. He then took her to meet the Sinister Society, of which he was a member. He told her that she could join too, and would have protection for herself and the baby if she promised absolute loyalty. Thus, Helena became a super villainess more out of necessity than desire. She and Nathan, codenamed Wild Wolf, were married two months later and before long, their son Elliott was born. This little boy would eventually grow to become the villain Lockjaw.