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Blue Blazer

Alias: Alouette

Real Name: Annette Marceau

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: feathery wings

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none

Affiliations: Pirouette, The Raven

Other Aliases: none

Status: active


Annette sports a pair of gray wings that grow naturally from her back. She uses her ability to fly at high speeds to bring justice to the streets of Caligo, often aiding her inspiration and idol, the Raven. Originally from France, Alouette often finds herself in combat against villainess Paris Green, and could technically claim her as an arch-enemy. When not heroing about town, Annette is a photographer for a local fashion magazine, and dreams of looking as glamorous as the models she immortalizes on the pages of the magazine. She is a long-time friend of another French heroine, Pirouette.