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Blue Blazer

Name: Allen Firth

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: none

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: Ecto-inhibitor gun; ecto-proof suit and helmet; spectral vision visor

Affiliations: Brainstorm Industries

Other Aliases: none

Status: active

Allen had what some may call the best job in the world. He worked for the megacorporation Brainstorm Industries, testing their state-of-the-art experimental technology. If the scientists build it, Allen will strap it on, shoot it, stick his hand in it, what have you. He is as fearless as crude and always ready with a dirty joke.

But Allen’s most recent test was that of the ghost hunting variety. The research and development team at Brainstorm came up with a small gun that could fire “ecto-inhibitor” blasts, enabling its wielder to melt ghosts right out of the air. This came with a suit that blocks a degree of the same ecto-energy, keeping its wearer relatively safe from attack from spirits, and the helmet comes with a visor capable of showing the wearer those harder-to-see ghosts.

When he was first tasked with brandishing these new toys, Allen hit the streets seeking out aggressive spirits and neutralizing them. But word of his dealings got around to something far more sinister and powerful than he was ready for, what Allen calls the “Mudder of all Ghosts”. He now has a very mean and very angry enemy in this ancient spirit, and he’ll do what he can to either destroy it, or at least avoid being destroyed by it.