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Blue Blazer

Alias: All-American

Real Name: Jack Martin

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: expert boxer, melee fighter, wrestler

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: bulletproof plates in costume

Affiliations: U.S. Army; Hero Corps

Other Aliases: Johnny American

Status: deceased


Jack fought alongside and was the closest friend of Private Jonathan Lee in the U.S. Army in WWII. The two were almost inseparable, and came to trust each other with their very lives, fighting with an uncanny mental connection against the forces of the Axis. When Private Lee discovered he had amazing superpowers and was made into the hero Mr. Ultimate, he insisted that his best friend join him when the government first created the Hero Corps. Given the ultimatum, the President begrudgingly accepted, and Jack was given the codename Johnny American. He was the only non-superhuman member of the team, and knowing he was only in it because of Mr. Ultimate caused some disdain and contempt within him.


But rather than let these feelings cause a rift between him and his pal, Jack decided to do something about it. He threw himself into combat training, mastering many forms of close combat, and proved himself to be able to hold his own quite well. On one particular occasion, when the Hero Corps had been captured and somehow temporarily de-powered by the nefarious villain Diminion, Jack suddenly became the most powerful, as the other members had come to rely so heavily upon their superpowers. He single-handedly neutralized Dominion and saved his team. It was at this point that he truly became accepted as a national hero, and shed his rather boyish codename for a new one: All-American. He fought alongside the Hero Corps into the mid-1960’s, when he was killed by the Neo-Nazi super-terrorist Unsterblich.