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Blue Blazer

Looks like creepy comes in threes…

Alias: Collector
Real Name: Glak’nik om Tretchyo
Genre: Alien/Hunter
Powers/Special Skills: huge stature, wings, infrared vision
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: various Oktrollian weaponry
Affiliations: Oktrollian race
Other Aliases: none
Status: at large
Derrick whimpered involuntarily as his sneaker hit a puddle of dirty water in the shadows of the alleyway. The…thing…was gaining. He breathed heavily through his nose and reached inside himself for more speed. A shadow swooped along the brick wall to his right and disappeared. God, it was close. He turned a corner, his lungs burning, dying for a rest. But the thing had marked him, and it would not stop until it had him.

Dead end.

He stopped short as he faced another brick wall ahead of him. Nowhere left to run but back the way he had come. He spun around and there, standing a good five heads taller than him, was the thing. It was a cross between and man and dragon, with thick green scaly skin and huge leathery wings. Its face told a story of worlds Derrick wished not to know about, and in one of its clawed hands was a nasty-looking knife. In the other was a long axe-like weapon.

The better to gut me with, Derrick thought in a moment of insanity, as the beast took its first steps toward him. Around its neck was a string of what looked to be the teeth of various species of animal.

Suddenly a voice sounded in Derrick’s ears. No. In his head. The creature was speaking to him with its mind.

“It is an honor that has befallen you, human. You have been chosen to represent your kind in my trophy room. It is you who shall achieve immortality in the museum of the Collector. As thousands before you on thousands of other worlds, yours shall be the specimen my people will study and observe. Run no further, fight no longer. Your struggle is in vain.”

Derrick squeezed his eyes shut as the beast raised its knife. He was the collected.