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Blue Blazer

Speaking of creepy…

Alias: Coffin
Real Name: Jebediah O’Grady
Genre: Supervillain
Powers/Special Skills: acquires powers and knowledge by consuming the brains of humans
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: two pistols and a dagger
Affiliations: none
Other Aliases: none
Status: at large
Jebediah was once an undertaker and casket maker in the old west town of Wylde, nestled in the valley of the Horseshoe Mountains. When a star fell from the sky, all of the townsfolk of Wylde began exhibiting strange new super powers, just as a heavy snowfall made escape from the valley impossible. As tensions and paranoia heightened, people started dying. Only a few escaped death during that long winter.

Jebediah, who had mostly kept himself hidden during those months, believed that he was the only person in the valley not to have acquired a new gift, until he left, long before the snow thawed but desperate to get away. He nearly died, and would have had he not come upon a half-eaten deer in the wilderness. Starving and unable to find dry wood, Jebediah ate the deer raw, including its brain. His mind was suddenly filled with strange visions, like memories that weren’t his. He realized that his power was the acquisition of knowledge through consumption of brain matter. When he emerged from the woods, he gradually started murdering and eating the brains of several people. Each time he did, he was immediately endowed with the knowledge of everything his victims knew. He also discovered, surprisingly at first, that if he ate the brain of a superhuman, he would gain his or her power. Because of this, the man now called Mr. Coffin has racked up quite a few abilities, including extreme longevity, which is why he still walks the Earth today, hungry for more knowledge and more power.