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Blue Blazer

Alias: Clock Tower
Real Name: Morgis Sparks
Genre: Temporal Soldier
Powers/Special Skills: expert strategist; skilled combatant
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: Time Suit; various future weaponry
Affiliations: Clocksmen
Other Aliases: none
Status: deceased
Morgis was (or will be) an agent of the Clocksmen, an elite time-travelling team of soldiers created in the 23rd century strictly to correct the temporal anomalies created by the tampering of the nefarious Chronos. Morgis was nicknamed “Clock Tower” for his impressive height and size. He had been promoted to the position of Chief Clocksman, the field commander of the team, and therefore wore a black uniform. He was a strict, no-nonsense leader. He was killed like most of the other Clocksmen by Chronos’s devastating time wave.