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Blue Blazer

Alias: Cipher
Real Name: Leslie Lynn
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: able to learn information instantaneously; eidetic memory; able to perform any action she sees performed
Affiliations: Citizen’s Hero League
Other Aliases: none
Status: depowered
In 2032, the technology-based company PresCorp discovered an amazing thing. By stimulating and manipulating the right genes, they could give a normal person amazing super powers temporarily. The effects lasted for about a week.
To collect as much on this breakthrough as they could, PresCorp created a daughter company called Venture, Inc. Venture offered the process to those who would pay for it (a hefty sum), and then kept them on a compound on an otherwise deserted island. They would create adventures in which these people could use their powers. It was exclusively for the sake of entertainment and profit, letting the rich and influential people of the country live out the fantasy of being a superhero for a short time. Lengthy background checks were performed to ensure that none of the customers would use their powers for evil, as well as a cancellor gate, which would void all powers when passed through.
There was a public outcry scolding Venture for making the experience so expensive and thus only for the wealthy, but no legal action could be carried out.
But then the demons arrived.
To call them demons is probably a misnomer. They were really just beings from another dimension. They had found a way to cross to our world, and when they saw that we were physically inferior, the invasion began. It soon became clear that the world’s existing heroes were not enough. Therefore, the US military declared martial law over Venture, Inc.
The “hero surgery,” as it was known, suddenly became available to anyone for free, as long as they were willing to volunteer to help battle the armies of beasts. And thus, the Citizens’ League of Heroes was formed. Many different powers were offered, and all were given to these everyday working people. Thousands applied and most were accepted. They were each given a crash course on how to control and use their newfound powers, and then they were sent to the fray. They were divided into teams of ten, each being led by a pre-existing superhero. Makeshift hospitals were set up near the battle lines so that the week long powers could be continued as long as was necessary. They fought until the menace was destroyed. Many died in the battles. The rest returned to their normal, mundane lives, but with the memory of being and doing something extraordinary.

Somewhat of a slow learner in school, Leslie elected to be given the power to absorb and retain vast amounts of information in the blink of an eye. She was able to understand and speak any language (including machine languages), crack codes and puzzles, and pick out and remember minute details within seconds.