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Blue Blazer

Alias: Cavalier
Real Name: Clayton Cobb
Genre: Masked Hero
Powers/Special Skills: expert swordsman and acrobat
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: custom-made rapier
Affiliations: None
Other Aliases: none
Status: deceased
The year was 1908 when news of a mysterious masked man wielding a sword first surfaced on the streets of Caligo. With the proximity of the newly built intercoastal railroad, the once small hamlet of Caligo had grown almost overnight into an expansive, bustling city. With this growth inevitably came more and more crime. The police could only do so much, and the civilians had no way to fight back against the ever looming darkness.

Clayton Cobb had been in love with stories of adventure by the swashbucklers of Robin Hood and pirate books when he was a child. As he grew, his adventurous side matured into a deep admiration for the works of Shakespeare, and he became a stage actor in Caligo’s theater district.

One day the theater was burned to the ground by mobsters who had tried to force the owner to pay them for “protection”. When he had refused, they destroyed the theater and everything in it. Clayton had finally had it with the crime wave in Caligo. One night he dressed up in some costume pieces he kept at home and a prop sword from one of his plays, and patrolled the streets. He stopped three crimes that first night, but the fake sword was broken in half. He commissioned a friend to make him a real one, balanced perfectly for his hands, and from then on used the rapier and the physical training he’d undergone to prepare for fight scenes in plays to become Caligo’s very first costumed hero.

Cavalier’s reign of salvation lasted three decades, until Clayton was killed in a knife fight he was trying to stop in a pub in Caligo. His statue stands next to that of Mr. Ultimate, Caligo’s most famous superhero, in the city square.